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Sunday, February 17, 2008

Orthodox Study Bible

The New Full Orthodox Study Bible is out. I just got my hardback copy today. The quality of the paper isn't as good as the New Testament version that came out 15 years ago, but it's decent enough. I'm just happy that it finally came out.
This version of the OSB has a fresh English translation of the Septuaginet text. They used the Alfred Rahlfs edition of the greek text as the basis for the english translation. They also used Brentons british translation of the greek text as a reference. The Old Testament Masoretic text of the NKJV was used as a template. Meaning Thomas Nelson publishers allowed them to use their english wording of the Old Testament whereever the LXX and Masoretic text were in agreement. It has 49 books in the Old Testament(about 3 more than Rome's) and 27 books in the New Testament. Because the Old Testament is the LXX the placing of the books are gonna be where they were in the greek LXX. Psalms has an extra chapter in the LXX and the book of Daniel is slightly longer as well. 2nd Chronicles(2nd Paraleipomenon) is longer due to the prayer of Manasseh. The New Testament is the NKJV and is mostly the same as the previous study Bible except for the addition of more patristic quotes and liturgical reference marks.
The notes and commentary of the OSB emphasizes the major themes of the Christian Faith.
Primary attention was given to:
2.) The Incarnation
3.) The Centrality of the Church
4.) And the call to live a virtuous life
The Biblical interpretations of the Church Fathers of the first 1,000 years of the church was used as well as the 7 Ecumenical Councils. Also added was the liturgical and prayer cycle of the Church Calender. Certain scriptures are read during certain times of the Church year, and these are marked in the notes.
The preface shows a chart of the Orthodox, Roman Catholic and Protestant old Testaments and it shows where they differ on certain points. The preface also shows the Patristic Fathers(They used about 49 different church fathers) and councils they quoted, as well as their abbreviations. They also give a brief run down of the Old Testament of the Early Church and of each book in the Bible(Both old and new) after that it ends with a short description of Church History. Starting with the New Testament era and ending with modern times and the Orthodox Church today.
Over all I'm just happy that it finally came out. Hopefully the leather back edition will have better quality paper.
For more information about the Full Orthodox Study Bible one can go to the Orthodox study website at:
Also hear Father Gillquist talk about the full version of the OSB at this poodcast:
The combination of the LXX and textus receptus makes it easier to trace some of the New Testament quotes. I know in my study of Romans chapter 9 I noticed Paul quoting the lxx alot. Now I have a fresh english tranlation of the lxx to go to when trying to trace Old Testament quotes found in the New Testament.


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