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Wednesday, February 20, 2008

More about me(the early years)

Conversion is not a one time event. Conversion is a life long journy.
A post I posted on an Orthodox board.
Conversion is dynamic from faith to faith. And the Church is one whith two dimensions(Heaven and Earth). I was raised Baptist. I fought in Sunday school a couple times. I fought once at Bible summer camp. And I really didn't understand much about the Faith. I remember my mother forcing me to be Baptized around the age of 5 or 6 and I was told to tell the deacons that I believed in the Trinity and that God is Spirit.Well when I went to see the deacons I told them God was a Pirate.
......lets just say they refused to Baptize me. I felt bad about it. I said "oh no. I meant to say Spirit",but it was too late. I recall the Bible story lessons but they weren't deep. they really didn't teach us heavy doctrine about Jesus being God and the Trinity. Maybe they thought we were too young to learn, but they did teach us Baptist distinctives like Baptism being symbolic.
I recall us(kids) playing around in Sunday school.
When the teacher would leave we would give eachother the middle finger. To be honest, we had it pointed down because we thought it meant it was pointed at the Devil. In 1987 or 88 I was Baptized. I didn't understand alot of things. But I knew Jesus was Lord and I believed in the doctrine of the Trinity....although I didn't have a firm grasp of the doctrine. I mostly got Baptized out of pressure from my moms.
After I was Baptized I felt different. At that time I thought something bad happened because I use to use people for what they had(NINTENDO and SEGA master systems) and now I no longer had the desire to use people. ...I thought I wasn't nice anymore. I would beat up the people I use to use. I thought something was wrong with me. Before I would overlook a person's selfishness if I wanted something from them. But now I didn't care what they had. I would just beat them up for getting on my nerves or when I thought they were unjust.
In 1990 or 1989 I heard a voice that told me to read some Bible bed time story books on my shelf. I was 12 or 13 at the time.It was 2 or 3 days before the first day of school and it was nice outside. But I was in my room reading these books. I believed what I read and at the end of the story book there was a prayer and I heard the voice again. It told me to pray. So I did. I told God that I needed a friend. Someone to help me walk the walk. It was very emotional. I felt a burden lifted off my shoulders. And when school started there was this new kid on the bus. A white guy. And he was a pentecostal christian and alot of people on the bus were making fun of him. And yet he turned the other cheek so I felt moved to help him. I became his friend and I stopped my friends from picking on him. However, he moved a year later and I eventually back slid for two years. It wasn't until I moved to a new Highschool that I started to find other christians who were really fun and active. Both Protestant and Roman Catholic. In my junior year of highschool I was introduced to christian rap by a girl in my art class. Before that time I thought all christian rap was corny. I tried to do one when I was in middle school but I thought it was corny so I stopped. Well I was hooked on christian rap from that day onward and the same girl that gave me the tape introduced me to a christian club that we had in our highschool. It was called B.O.L.D.
Believers of our Lords disciples. And I had a ball. I eventually left the rap group I was in from my former highschool and started raping at christian rock events near Pittsburgh.
My former friends didn't like it. They thought I left them hanging, but I couldn't rap about the things they wanted me to flow about so I had to leave....and I wanted to leave. In College I met more people that were christian. After my first two years I no longer was doing christian rap, but I was still involved in production and making beats. But it was around this time that I was introduced to Eastern Orthodoxy.It's a long story so I'll give you the blog


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