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Saturday, November 5, 2011

The Continuing Validity of the Moral Law of the Old Testament

by Fr. John Whiteford

The link:



Drake Shelton said...

Good link FAM.

Drake Shelton said...


Robert said on ORB and you seemed to agree,


"Uhm, when we look at the salvation of infants and the severely mentally handicapped (severe down syndrome and maybe other mental health issues), we know that they are unable to mentally grasp the details of these things, and so I don’t believe that salvation is all of the mind alone. No, I believe Salvation is Incarnational, and so it really doesn’t matter if one doesn’t know certain things in great detail. What matters is are they united to Christ. To me, this is Incarnational! "

How is that not Buddhism? That is Buddhist. Buddhists have even written on this issue as a bridge between themselves and Christianity. You can read Tatsuya Yamazaki’s article on this issue The Eastern Orthodox Theology and Buddhism
Deification and Nirvana

He mentions Lossky’s construction in detail and connects it to Buddhism. This is not a biased Protestant Interpretation of the East.

The Blogger Formerly Known As Lvka said...

Drake dearest,

if you're so frightened by similarities, please do us all a favor and renounce Christianity (and Judaism) altogether... Why? Because the five vows of Buddhism and Jainism are identical to the last five or six of the Ten Commandments.

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