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Saturday, July 2, 2011


I am really enjoying this book. It's going to be an awesome resource!

Gratia et Certamen: The Relationship Between Grace and Free Will in the Discussion of Augustine with the So-Called Semipelagians

As seen from
"Product Description
The issues involved in the discussion between the monks of Hadrumetum/Marseille and Augustine range from questions of initium fidei and naturae bonum, to the understanding of predestination. The monks' reaction to Augustine's doctrine of absolute sovereign grace must be seen as a plea in favour of a harmonizing approach, where human commitment is also envisaged as playing, at times, a primary role. In the light of a dialogical synergism, of a unitarian and cosmic view of God's oeconomia salutis, and relying on a strong ascetic framework, the monks biggest fear was that the implications of Augustine's predestinarian view would jeopardise the importance of the struggle for perfection, the meaning of God's universal salvific will, of Christ's redeeming action, and finally of the Church. The different theological traditions to which Augustine and the monks appealed play also a significant role, as do the specific social and religious context in which they respectively moved."



Godismyjudge said...

sounds facinating. Is it based on existant writings of the Monks?

God be with you,

Jnorm said...

I spent the majority of my time in chapter 3 of the book. Chapter 2 deals with the Monks in Gaul.

(about the book itself)
It's mainly a high quality secondary source that quotes and glosses over primary sources and so it's a book by a leading authority about the topic at hand. He goes through the works of Augustine, Prosper and Hilary, John Cassian, and a number of others. He also looks at what was taught before by both Greek and Latin speaking Christians.

He actually covers alot of stuff in this.

Chapter 1
The African "Resistance" to Augustine: Historical and Theological Framework (pages 26 to 92)

Chapter 2
The Rise of "Massilianism" In Gaul: Historical and Theological Framework (pages 93 to 184)

Chapter 3
Grace, Free Will and the Struggle for Perfection (pages 185 to 304)

Chapter 4
The Uexata Quaestio of Predestination (pages 305 to 402)

Conclusion (pages 403 to 428)

Indexes (pages 437 to 463)

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