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Thursday, December 2, 2010

Defending Constantine!

I was reading The Flying Inn blog by Mr. Davis and noticed a book review about the Emperor Saint Constantine. It interested me so much that I decided to get it.

I'm reading it right now.

You can find it at:
Eight Day Books

or at


Pintradex said...

Are you going to review the book on here when you are finished? I am interested in hearing more about it.

Unknown said...


I heard about this book just recently myself; I think it will be my Christmas present to myself this year!

Jnorm said...


Sure! I wasn't going to at first, but yeah, I'll give it a shot!


Go for it! The author of the book is what I would call a high Presbyterian. And so he is going to look at the issue from a slightly different bias. But over all I like what he is trying to do. Most books and people(mostly in the protestant and secular world) I know of seem to only have negative things to say.

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