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Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Early Byzantine Syrian Christian art

I would like to give thanks to Dr. Emma Loosley for suggesting these books to me, they will come in handy as I finish up on my rejoinder with Morey's book. But since I can't read spanish I won't be able to check out one of the books. Eventually, I will be able to check out:

1.) The Christian Art of Byzantine Syria by Father Pena (A Franciscan)

2.) The Architecture and Liturgy of the Bema in Fourth-to Sixth-Century Syrian Churches by Dr. Emma LOOSLEY (her book)

These along with Mike Aquilina's book Signs and Mysteries: Revealing Ancient Christian Symbols. Should give me what I need in talking about the issue of Icons. I'm going to be quoting from these books once I get done with it.

The plan is to start out with the signs and symbols of early christianity into the Icons of early christianity. I will also let people know about the Icons of Judaism in the synagogues as well. At least that's how I plan on making my case.

The only otherthing I have to cover in the rejoinder is the "Calvinist" Patriarch claim. Other Orthodox on the web have already posted stuff about that so I'm just gonna quote what they already said.

This is going to take longer than what I planned. Especially now, since I'm in the St. Stephen's Course in Orthodox Theology program. Which is seen here and here. So it's gonna be awhile, but I'm sure I can always use what I'm learning at Saint Stephen's with what I'm working on I will quote stuff from the books I have to read for the Saint Stephen's program as well. For anything that deals with the topic at hand will help. In my conclusion, I will talk about how Eastern Orthodoxy had many places(regions) of influence. Robert Morey tries to paint the picture that we came from Egypt, but that's purely false. The City of Alexandria was not the only Holy See of Orthodoxy.

He totally ignores (or just doesn't know) about the Holy See of Antioch, plus at that time, the East and West were in full communion, so you would have to include Rome in the picture as well when you talk about Ancient Orthodoxy.

For at first the Holy Sees were

1. Rome

2. Alexandria

3. Antioch

And Later two more Holy sees were added in Constantinople and Jerusalem:

1. Rome

2. Constantinople

3. Alexandria

4. Antioch

5. Jerusalem

Morey only focuses on Alexandria Egypt, but Antioch was important as well, for after all, we were first called Christians in the city of Antioch. And to ignore the influence of Antioch is to distort the whole picture. So I'm going to include the influence of Antioch in my rejoinder.



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