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Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Ft. Gregory on group spiritual formation

As seen from his blog

"In the next several posts, I want to offer some theoretical
and practical thoughts about group spiritual formation. Maybe the best place to
begin is by asking what I mean by "group spiritual formation"?

Christian life then is communal and all of us have been called by God to help,
each in our own unique and personal way, foster this share life in Christ. In
light of this, group formation is simply a practical means of exercising this
shared responsibility given to each of us in our baptism.

Unlike say
group therapy or a support group, group spiritual formation is built on a shared
adherence to tradition. (In the current example, this means the Tradition of the
Orthodox Church, likewise for a Catholic or Protestant group. ) But while there
is a shared commitment to a tradition, the exploration of this tradition as such
is not the goal of a spiritual formation group. The goal rather is to allow that
tradition, as expressed by the insights of the group members, to serve as a
guide for how we live our daily lives.

One touchstone of group
formation then is the tradition of the Church as an objective standard."

To read the rest, please go to his blog: Koinonia

I find this topic interesting, for if I ever become a mission priest, I would love to implement "spiritual formation" in the mission. Infact, I think every parish could do this. It would really energies alot of parishiners, and take ones spiritual journy to that next level.



Tony said...

Ha ha, glad someone else is reading his blog. Happy it's catching interest with other people.

Jnorm said...

Yeah, I think I met him once. I could be wrong, but I think he use to be a priest or chaplin for the Pittsburgh branch of OCF.

Are you on Orthodox Circle yet?


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