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Saturday, May 10, 2008

Is Organized "religion" all about the money?

Quote from: Rosehip
So many people say they want nothing
to do with organized religion,stating that it's all about money. In short, the
church is just one big business. I must admit, I've had similar doubts, and
often don't know how to respond to such accusations. I know it's just an excuse,
but still, I see a grain of truth to it as well... Also that religion is bad
because it divides people.

Thoughts, anyone?

These are things an Agnostic will most likely say. My Dad use to say stuff like this.

And I always respond back with:

1.) Churches have bills to pay.
a) light bills
b) building insurance
c) gas bill
d) they gotta pay church staff
e) mortgage
f) retirement fund
g) building fund
h) mission fund
i) education fund
j) seminary fund

2.) Everything divides people
a) TV shows divide people
b) politics divide people
c) Atheism divides people
d) Agnosticism divides people
e) any idea under the sun will divide people

but guess what?

3.) Everything also unites people
a) TV shows will unite people
b) Politics will unite people
c) any idea under the sun will unite people

The samething that divides will also unite. There is no such thing as 100% uniformity, for you will always find at least one person on the planet that will disagree.

He doesn't say this to me anymore, but the truth is, some people don't like being told what to do, and what is right and what is wrong. They feel that "religion" is trying to control their life, and stop them from being happy. ....stop them from having fun.

This is what it comes down to for some people.

They want to do what ever they want without anyone telling them it's wrong.



Anonymous said...

Churches and religion are very powerful things that can be forces for great good or great evil. If I asked you to name two very evil churches/religions, I'm sure you could do so.

Many established churches have organization structure in place to prevent people within the church from using it for evil.

I think churches do a disservice when they spread false to fact information or bigotry. You have to be careful of your church which is hard. Its like being abused by a psychotherapist - its easy to be abused by someone with that kind of authority of you.

Jnorm said...

True, you make a good point.


Anonymous said...

Personally, I think its a cop out.

When people say they don't like organized religion, thats just an excuse and a get out of jail free card. If out of the thousands of varieties of organized religions to choose from you cannot find even one that you could be a part of, then your problem isn't with organization.

Jnorm said...

To Robert,

True! It is a cop out.


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