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Friday, January 25, 2008

Hincmar, Archbishop of Reims & Predestination

Hincmar, who was the Archbishop of Reims lived in the 9nth century. I wasn't able to find any of his works online, but I was amused at the outcome of two local synods in which his views seemed to have won the day.

The second council of Quierzy(853 A.D.) as well as the council of Toucy(860 A.D.)

"After the great Synod of Savonières near Toul (859), which was also attended by
Hincmar, he wrote his second diffuse and prolix work on predestination. His four
theses, which he also advocated before the Synod of Toucy in 860, are as

(1) God wills the salvation of all men;

(2) The will
remains free after the fall of man, but must be liberated and sanctified by
God's grace;

(3) Divine Predestination foreordains that, out of the massa
perditionis, a few shall be brought to eternal life, out of mercy;

(4) Christ died for us all.

After the Synod of Toucy, the predestination
conflict between Hincmar and the other bishops quieted down."

The one at Quierzy

"At the second synod the famous four decrees or chapters (Capitula) drawn
up by Hincmar on the predestination question were published. They asserted:

(1) the predestination of some to salvation, and, in consequence of
Divine foreknowledge, the doom of others to everlasting punishment;

(2) the remedy for the evil tendencies of free will through grace;

(3) the Divine intention of saving all men;

(4) the fact of universal redemption.

The council held in February, 857, aimed at suppressing the disorders
then so prevalent in the kingdom of Charles the Bald."



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